When you decide to seek for the best forex brokers with low spreads, you need to focus on several factors. The spreads match the differences between the offering prices & the selling prices of the most volatile currency pairs. Seeking for reliable forex brokers that have low spreads is important to the profitability for traders, because fewer pips you’re paying means a pip more than to every transaction. 
If you are a forex trader, your goal is to buy at the lowest price and try to sell at the highest price. That is reason why half a pip can still create big differences in your fortune. 
From my research, this is a list of best forex brokers with low spreads that also have tools & good environment of trading.

Best forex brokers with low spreads: XM

XM becomes a famous forex trading broker which offers several forex traders with a good environment of trading with trade platforms letting them trade several financial instrument, re-listing policies, without hidden fee & no commission added, which make forex trade simple. 
Also, it gives a good leverage rate with 888:1 that depends on each country, giving them many advantages of trading with only minimum deposits of 5 dollars, giving forex traders the ability to trade in terms of eighteen languages, offering price at the rate of the glitches, offering suitable trade terms & conditions at the whole use of several trade accounts. 
If the spreads changes according to each type of accounts. You can choose between 3 kinds of trading accounts, the micro & standard accounts with no commissions & zero spread accounts of XM on the best trading platforms. Note that a fourth kind of account is available, the ultra-low accounts of XM. XM spread seems rather competitive if compared with their active competitors, particularly in the indices or commodities or shares in the stock markets.

Best forex brokers with low spreads: HotForex

HotForex - a forex trading broker offering bereavement trade online services from 2010, it becomes famous forex trading broker and got many awards.
They offer many kinds of trading accounts, with minimum deposits of only 5 dollars, leverage more than 1:1000 depending on your kind of trading accounts. The spread given by HotForex that depends on the sort of accounts you logged in, with current and vip account, the spread starts in 0.2 pips. The spread for another account often start in a pip.
Their trading platform offers over 8 platforms to meet their customers’ demands. MetaTrader4 becomes their key platforms of trading available on the desktops for downloading, on the websites & on smartphones.

Best forex brokers with low spreads: FXTM

FXTM company was founded in 2011 that has run to boost except for the giants. It offers several currencies, CFDs and commodities.
They give 2 well-known Metatrader 4 & 5 platforms of trading that are friendly to users and strong platforms of trading which offers to easy to follow the map software, and offers the richest characteristics.
There are 6 kinds of accounts, with 10 dollars of minimum deposits in cent account. The maximum leverages are up to 1:1000.


Those are 3 of the best forex brokers with low spreads. Don’t miss them if you want to seek for a good broker. However, one little reminder: if you’re looking for brokers with lowest trading cost, low spread is not the answer for you. Trading cost is the combination of various factors with spread being the main one. If you care about trading cost, don’t just look at spread. Pay attention to other factors as well like: commission, bonus, quotes, slippages, swap, margin and rebates...